Strawberry Dessert Festival — Brookline

The Federation of Massachusetts Farmers Markets has asked me to check out strawberry desserts local restaurants are offering as part of the Strawberry Dessert Festival. No hardship there.

My first stop is a quick drive up the road, to the Fireplace in Brookline’s Washington Square, where ever-affable Chef and Owner, Jim Solomon, introduces me to his pastry chef, Michal Yacovi, and ice cream maker, Kasey Fechtor. Gotta love a restaurant that has both a pastry chef and a dedicated ice cream maker on staff.

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My job is berry, berry good.

  Lineage 4 Who’s got a better job than me?

I was prompted to ask myself that question when the Federation of Massachusetts Farmers Markets invited me to give some blog love to the sixth annual Strawberry Dessert Festival.

Hmmm. Let me see. Do I want to write about Farmer’s Markets? Desserts? Strawberries? Three checks in the yes column there.

Do I want to subject myself to the arduous task of tasting the lush and luscious strawberry creations of Oleana, Harvest, the Fireplace and Lineage all in the name of job fulfillment? Still listening….she says as she wipes a smudge of strawberry off her chin.

Oleana 1Do I want to capture the excitement of chefs across Brookline and Cambridge when local strawberries juice up their creativity? Can you say ‘former pastry chef’s dream?’

Would I like to salute the local farms who deliver said strawberries, so ripe and red and juicy and sweet, so close to the fields that they’re still moist with dew and warm from the sun? Why, yes. Yes, I do. Continue reading