Sicily + Piedmont, October, 2015

Yes, my bags are packed again. This time, we’ll be bookending the best of Italy in October as we explore western Sicily, and then venture north to Turin and Barolo country and truffles! What could be better? You joining us, of course!

Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.001 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.002 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.003 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.004 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.005 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.006 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.007 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.008 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.009 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.010 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.011 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.012 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.013 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.014 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.015 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.016 Sicily + Piedmont, 2015.017

Beat That, Bourdain #3

signore cucchiaraSunday morning. For me, another city, another hotel. What’s constant is that everyone, in every culture, has their Sunday morning ritual. Here, at the Ace Hotel in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, pork-pie hatted hipsters and their bleary-eyed companions, some with very telling shades perched on their noses, sip cappuccinos while trying very hard not to seem to try too hard.

Caseficio Cucchiara sign, Salemi, Sicily makers of pecorino

Makes me miss Sicily. If I were in Salemi, in the mountains outside of Marsala, I’d be hanging out at the Azienda Cucchiara, feigning nonchalance while near bursting with excitement, in a group of authentically breezy middle-aged men. They stand in small circles, comparing notes on Serie A, or the family, or the olive harvest, or, in a particularly loud moment, the state of Italian politics. Now and again, they turn to look at a young man in knee-high rubber boots patiently stirring a simmering creamy liquid in a giant pot. They know he’s backed by three generations of cheese-makers. In fact, his nonno is supervising from a nearby chair. They know what’s coming will be worth the wait. Continue reading